Building Management

Pivot FM is a company that can provide a level of service that increases the level of satisfaction your residents experience daily, as well as your Owners Corporation’s confidence that this level of service will be consistently provided – month-in, month-out, year-in, year-out.

We design our solution by focussing on your facility’s unique needs, with a principal goal of providing you with a high return on your investment and fewer headaches. We pride ourselves on our best-in-class customer service, detailed issue reporting, and rigorous asset management.

Pivot FM invests heavily in its people (recruitment, training and career development), equipment (we don’t scrimp on cleaning materials!) and technology (our goal is to fix things before they go wrong).

Our quality is shown by the detail of how we work with our clients. 

facilites management MyBos dashboard


We offer full service reports to our clients, who enjoy our hands-on communication and support.

When problems do arise, we provide visual documentation to our clients to speed resolution. To ensure our clients are always on top of things, Pivot FM offers timely, meaningful reports – as the Victorian distributors of the MyBos Building Management Software, a web based program that residents can use to communicate with building management, log common property maintenance requests, book moves or function spaces, obtain information, purchase keys, remotes or tickets to events being held by the Owners Corporation. We use the MyBos system to manage assets, create reports and schedules, receive parcels or deliveries and communicate with residents. Along with this software, Pivot FM also has over 50 policies and procedures that can be tailored to each of our properties specific needs.




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Our concierges create Daily Logs, using MyBos, which are provided to Building Management and Pivot FM – these logs open up a forum between the staff and service delivery team to ensure all staff receive ongoing support and training if and when issues arise.