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Here's a bit more detail of what we offer:

Consulting services:


Pivot FM offers a broad range of services for its clients:

Putting together your Request for Tender:

Pivot FM Management has extensive experience in scoping tenders to contractors for carrying out minor to major works.

From referencing BCA standards to modern day practices, we will ensure the desired expectation is achieved.

Admin and maintenance budgeting:

Pivot FM consults with Owners Corporations to understand the level of service and compliance anticipated.

Once this is obtained, we work within this scope without compromising our levels of service.

Asset management and asset registers:

Each building is different, however, during construction, building surveyors and contractors stipulate frequencies and standards that must be met to ensure warranty periods are binding.

Pivot FM understands this and puts into place specific measures to ensure this need is protected.

Occupational health and safety (OH&S):

Pivot FM ensures risks are anticipated, full compliance is maintained at all times, and specific measures are put into place to identify safety problems before they occur, avoid injury to personnel, or worse.

Building defect management:

Cosmetic or structural defects are unavoidable, even with modern day construction.

Whilst BCA standards provide a guideline, Pivot FM understands that these standards and tolerances are two different things, and manages its engagements accordingly.

Pivot Facilities Management can also assist with preferred trades:


Security services:


Whilst everyone should feel safe within their place of residence, unfortunately, security measures need to be implemented to ensure everything is being done to make people safe in their homes.

Pivot FM provides a consistent and reliable level of security protection for its clients.

Building maintenance & property repair:


With over 30 years of industry experience, forming relationships with reputable contractors in the industry, Pivot FM is able to provide 24/7/365 support to our clients.

We pride ourselves at our issue management and resolution, and our ability to anticipate maintenance requirements and get them moving.

Essential services:


Essential Services are in place to ensure safety to residents is paramount.

Pivot FM works hand-in-hand with the OC and industry leaders to ensure all stipulations by Building Surveyors are observed and maintained.


Including air conditioning, ventilation, extraction and pressurization predominantly make up mechanical services…

Fire and suppression:

Including hydrants, sprinkler systems, fire pumps, hose reels and extinguishers – all needing to be maintained to ensure compliance.

Emergency and exit lighting:

As these lights need to operate for at least 90 minutes in the event of power failure, Pivot FM will ensure they are tested and reports provided every 6 months.

Fire doors and paths of travel:

Fire doors and paths of travel have an important role to play during times of evacuation. Pivot FM will ensure stairwells are clear of obstructions and that fire-rated doors are not compromised.