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Pivot FM manages facilities in three primary areas:

Prestige Developments, Boutique Developments and Industrial/Commercial Developments.

  • Prestige Property Management Clients

    Prestige style facilities management melbourne 

    Pivot FM currently provides facilities management services to over a dozen high-end, or prestige, clients – these are residential buildings that range from 100 – 600+ apartments.

    Pivot FM’s ability to continually re-sign and win high end contracts is not simply due to its reputation in the industry. We feel we are successful primarily because of our attention to high-end service and responsiveness. We pay attention to the details.

    Pivot recruits and trains all staff to be versatile to our clients’ needs, stressing the ability to adapt to various environments and situations.

  • Boutique Property Management Clients

    Boutique style facilities management melbourne 

    Pivot FM proudly doesn’t shy away from clients that have limited resources due to the size of their developments.

    We provide our facilities management services to more than ten boutique development clients – residential buildings with 25- 100 apartments.

    Pivot FM currently maintains another 10 properties that range from 24 to 75 Lots across the CBD and city fringe.

  • Industrial & Commercial Property Management Clients

    Industrial style facilities management melbourne 

    Working closely with developers has helped Pivot FM in understanding service delivery standards. This has opened new doors into the industrial/commercial market for us.

    Pivot FM brings the same first class approach to this industry and ensures stakeholder management is paramount.

    We manage and maintain common property for a number of commercial clients, ranging from restaurant owners, retailers, service providers, warehousing and storage unit facilities.